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For IT Support, Computer Help, or Questions about this web site, use

To send me Junk Mail advertising, or Spam, use

Are you a web site owner or administrator who needs either free or paid mail hosting? If so, then please e-mail me at the addresses above and I will send you back a referral link to sign up for either their free or paid e-mail hosting plans with ZoHo. Please do not use the direct site to sign up. Here's why. Zoho has a referral program where free users can earn up to 50 free e-mail accounts for users in their organization for every other person that's referred to them. So, you can say that's why I ask this for. Not that I personally need that many (I only use the three above) but there are others who do need as many as they can get, and I would like get all I can get. On free plans, ZoHo starts you out with 25 e-mail accounts for your organization, but you have the chance to earn up to 50 e-mail accounts by using their referral program to refer others. I've been using their free service for about six years now and they are the best around. If you own a free domain name with either extensions .cf, .ga, .gq, .ml, or .tk, normally ZoHo will not allow you use their mail hosting service. However, they will make a special exception if you can prove to them that you will not abuse their service by sending out Spam e-mails. Since moving my web site to a different free domain name, this is what I've had to do, and I am on a trust basis with them because of my prior dealings with them, but they have been good to me, and they can be good to you as long as you do not abuse their service.

No e-mail account? Has your isp decided to quit providing e-mail accounts? Here's a list of Free E-mail Providers -

AOL (US) - AOL (UK) - Outlook dot com - Zoho Mail - Google Mail - Yahoo - Excite - GMX - GMX (UK) -  - Yandex - Rediff - QQ - Proton Mail - Barid - Net C - Offilive - Mail 2 World - Eclipso - Webmail ZA - Vivaldi - Tutanota - - UKR - Zyan Office - Mail Fence - Seznam - AT&T

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To contact me, make comments on this page, report problems with links on this site, or to report Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) issues, please e-mail me at either e-mail address listed above. Thanks

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