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Note: These are only to be used if this web site is not working, backup, or if you need to sign up for an e-mail account with a particular provider. Otherwise, use my e-mail accounts listed on the main accounts page instead. I always check those accounts first. These don't get checked as often.

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AOL Screen Name Account Management Links: 
Account Security - Personel Info - My Account - Billing - My Account Dashboard Web Mail  (16)  Manage Account (Microsoft) - Product Page

Gmail  (32) Task Manager (Canvas) - Manage Account (Google) - Product Page

  (24)   Product Page - Manage Account (My AT&T) - My Account Dashboard (Yahoo) - - -

Other Free E-mail Services - Listed as a convenience. I do not maintain accounts on any of these services.

AOL (UK)Excite - GMX - - Yahoo - Yandex - Rediff - QQ - Proton Mail - Barid - Net C - - GMX (UK)

Offilive - Mail 2 World - Eclipso - Webmail ZA - Vivaldi - Tutanota - - UKR - Zyan Office - - Mail Fence - Seznam

E-mail server settings for advanced users of 3rd Party E-mail programs

If you're advanced user who knows how to configure your e-mail account in either Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail Thunderbird, or in either your Android or iPhone, visit this page for the current settings to use in the configuration menu. I try to keep this page updated since free e-mail services change their mail server settings every so often for security reasons. Also, if you are a current Android or iPhone user, some free e-mail services also have apps available for download from either the Google Play store or iTunes Store. I know that Gmail's apps come standard in the Android phones, but Yahoo, AT&T,, and AOL also have apps available for download from either the Google Play store or iTunes Store. Downloading and using apps will save you a lot of time having to enter imap, smtp, pop3, and port number settings for each account.

Free Alternatives To Microsoft Outlook

Evolution for Windows - Originally sponsored by Novell, but taken over by DIP Consultants which is now no longer in business, but it has now been assumed by someone running this blog complete with instructions on how to install it under Windows 7. This program has been included in the Linux platform for many years and is considered the killer to Outlook in that platform, but is available in a version for Windows 7. I don't know if it will run on the older versions of Windows XP or Windows Vista, as Vista uses a different default file folder structure for their user accounts section, but it's worth a shot. Most people use this program in addition to Open Office as their free alternative to Microsoft Office.

EssentialPIM Free - There is both a free edition and a professional edition that cost $39.95. I've tried the free edition and found that it is very similar to Outlook feature wise, but it does contain some limitations.

Thunderbird - This program by itself is Mozilla's answer to both Outlook Express and its successor Windows Live Mail Desktop, however, when an add-on called Lightning is installed, Thunderbird incorporates many of the same features as Outlook, except for the journal and notes features, which there are add ons available for these also.

Zimba Desktop - Another good alternative program to Outlook made by Synacor.  Some Internet Service Providers also contract with Synacor to provide their e-mail service. If your ISP happens to be one of these that contracts with Synacor, then this is the program for you. On Synacor hosted e-mail services, this program basically functions like a free alternative to Microsoft Exchange server as it also allow you sync your mail, calendar, and tasks with web mail because Synacor uses the Zimbra Collaboration Server for their software program. The only drawback that I've found is that you cannot create multiple user profiles like you can in Outlook. Note to Comcast Xfinity users who use Xfinity Connect webmail. Comcast Xfinity uses a modified version of the Zimbra Collaboration Server that they host themselves in house, so some features like Tasks, Notes, and Calendar do not synchronize with Xfinity Connect webmail.

To contact me, make comments on this page, report problems with links on this site, or to report Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) issues, please go to my main e-mail accounts page and e-mail me from there. Thanks

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