Knoxville Free Broadcast TV Stations

 Full & Low Power DTV Stations

Actual DTV Broadcast Channel & (Band) Virtual DTV Channel DTV Display Sign Network Affiliation FCC Public Files Link
7.1 (VHF) 7.1 WKNX-HD   WKNX TV Station Profile
7.2 (VHF) 7.2 WKNXGET getTV WKNX TV Station Profile
7.3 (VHF) 7.3 WKNX-CT Court TV WKNX TV Station Profile
10.1 (VHF) 10.1 WBIR-HD National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) WBIR TV Station Profile
10.2 (VHF) 10.2 MeTV Memorable Entertainment Television (MeTV) WBIR TV Station Profile
10.3 (VHF) 10.3 CrimeTV True Crime Network - Link 2 WBIR TV Station Profile
10.4 (VHF) 10.4 Quest Quest WBIR TV Station Profile
10.5 (VHF) 10.5 Twist Twist WBIR TV Station Profile
15.1 (UHF) 43.1 WTNZ-DT Fox Network WTNZ TV Station Profile
15.2 (UHF) 43.2 WTNZ-BN Bounce WTNZ TV Station Profile
15.3 (UHF) 43.3 WTNZ-GT Grit WTNZ TV Station Profile
16.1 (UHF) 28.1 WEZK-LD Living Faith TV WEZK-LD TV Station Profile
16.2 (UHF) 28.2 THIS-TV This TV powered by MGM WEZK-LD TV Station Profile
16.3 (UHF) 28.3 LIGHT The Grio - Link 2 WEZK-LD TV Station Profile
16.4 (UHF) 28.4 DABL Dabl WEZK-LD TV Station Profile
16.5 (UHF) 28.5 BUZZR Buzzr WEZK-LD TV Station Profile
16.6 (UHF) 28.6 Movies Movies TV Network WEZK-LD TV Station Profile
16.7 (UHF) 28.7 GEB Golden Eagle Broadcasting WEZK-LD TV Station Profile
16.8 (UHF) 28.8 Decades Decades WEZK-LD TV Station Profile
16.9 (UHF) 28.9 R-N Right Now TV WEZK-LD TV Station Profile
16.10 (UHF) 28.10 HRTLND Heartland TV WEZK-LD TV Station Profile
16.11 (UHF) 28.11 SBN Sonlife Broadcasting Network WEZK-LD TV Station Profile
16.12 (UHF) 28.12 QVCII QVC 2 WEZK-LD TV Station Profile
18.1 (UHF) 54.1 ION I On Television WPXK TV Station Profile
18.2 (UHF) 54.2 CourtTV Court TV WPXK TV Station Profile
18.3 (UHF) 54.3 Laff Laff WPXK TV Station Profile
18.4 (UHF) 54.4 Mystery Mystery WPXK TV Station Profile
18.5 (UHF) 54.5 QVC QVC Over The Air WPXK TV Station Profile
18.6 (UHF) 54.6 HSN Home Shopping Network WPXK TV Station Profile
26.1 (UHF) 6.1 WATE American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) WATE TV Station Profile
26.2 (UHF) 6.2 getTV Antenna TV WATE TV Station Profile
26.3 (UHF) 6.3 Laff Laff WATE TV Station Profile
26.4 (UHF) 6.4 Cozi Cozi TV WATE TV Station Profile
29.1 (UHF) 15.1 WKOP-HD Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) WKOP TV Station Profile
29.2 (UHF) 15.2 WKOP2 PBS Kids WKOP TV Station Profile
29.3 (UHF) 15.3 WKOP3 Create WKOP TV Station Profile
29.4 (UHF) 15.4 WKOP4 World Channel WKOP TV Station Profile
30.1 (UHF) 30.1 HSN Home Shopping Network Unknown FCC Call Sign
30.2 (UHF) 30.2 QVC QVC Over The Air Unknown FCC Call Sign
30.3 (UHF) 30.3 HSN 2 Home Shopping Network 2 Unknown FCC Call Sign
30.4 (UHF) 30.4 QVC 2 QVC 2 Unknown FCC Call Sign
30.5 (UHF) 30.5 QVC 3 QVC 3 Unknown FCC Call Sign
30.6 (UHF) 30.6 DABL Dabl Unknown FCC Call Sign
31.1 (UHF) 20.1 WBXX-HD The CW WBXX TV Station Profile
31.2 (UHF) 20.2 EBXX-DT Mystery WBXX TV Station Profile
31.3 (UHF) 20.3 H&I Heros & Icons WBXX TV Station Profile
31.4 (UHF) 20.4 DABL Dabl WBXX TV Station Profile
34.1 (UHF) 8.1 WVLT-HD Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) WVLT TV Station Profile
34.2 (UHF) 8.2 MYVLT My Network TV WVLT TV Station Profile
34.3 (UHF) 8.3 START Start TV WVLT TV Station Profile
34.4 (UHF) 8.4 CIRCLE Circle WVLT TV Station Profile
36.1 (UHF) 48.1 WVLR-HD - Link 2 Christian Television Network WVLR TV Station Profile
36.2 (UHF) 48.2 Lifesty   WVLR TV Station Profile
36.3 (UHF) 48.3 CTNi CTN Lifestyle TV WVLR TV Station Profile
36.4 (UHF) 48.4 CTN Christian Television Network International WVLR TV Station Profile


On Channel 30.1, there is currently no known FCC Call Sign station ID. This station currently does not identify itself by call sign station ID at the top of every hour as required by FCC regulation 47 CFR Part 73.1201.

The DTV sub-channels in this listing are subject to change due to market changes, TV station ownerships, network carry agreements, or FCC frequency re-allocation auctions to make room for new 5G mobile broadband services etc.  This list is current as of Saturday May 01, 2021 and reflects several new frequencies that area broadcasters have now moved to as a result of the recent FCC spectrum auction.

This chart is only a representation of what DTV Channels are currently broadcasting in the Knoxville, Tennessee Designated Market Area (DMA), which covers the following counties. You may or may not be able to receive all channels in the Knoxville area, depending on your location and the type of HDTV antenna that you are using and where you have it installed, either outdoors or indoors.

The actual DTV channel refers to the actual digital channel that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has licensed the broadcaster to transmit their digital signal on. This actual channel broadcast is on either the VHF or UHF band. Knowing this information is very important when it comes to the  type of antenna to use. I personally use a separate antennas for the VHF and UHF bands. I then feed the wires from each antenna into a signal combiner also known as a diplexer to my TV. The virtual channel is the channel that is displayed on your TV screen. Television stations did this because they were afraid that their viewers would not be able to find them after the DTV transition took effect last June. This only applies if you have already done a channel scan. That is why broadcasters and the FCC recommend you periodically re-scan your converter box for new channels that are still coming online now that the DTV transition has now taken effect.  Examples:

1. When you tune your converter box to WATE virtual channel 6, you are actually watching DTV channel 26.1 on the UHF band.

2. On your converter box's remote control, entering 26.1 or  26-1 will direct you to WATE, but it will show you channel 6.1 on the display screen.

2. When you tune your converter box to WVLT virtual channel 8.1, you are actually watching DTV channel 34.1 on the UHF band.

How To Build Your Very Own DTV Antenna

I've had several people ask me about where to purchase a HDTV antenna and what the best kinds to get are, so here is my answer and what I did. If you know anything about carpentry or what a two by four block of wood is then, you actually don't need to go out and buy some fancy HDTV antenna. You only need a two by four block of wood, some coat hangers, a 75 Ohm to 300 transformer (also referred to as a balun), and some 75 Ohm coaxial cable wire. There are several videos on You Tube that will show you how to build your own HDTV antenna. I've done this folks, and actually works and I get the above listed HDTV channels as a result.

If you would rather purchase a professional HDTV antenna from a retail store or web site, you can use Antenna Web in helping you figure out what stations are available in your area and what antenna you will need, however, Antenna Web can only estimate what channels you can receive and not what you can actually pick up. The best way to determine that is by performing a channel scan with your remote control.

DTV Information Sites

FCC's DTV Information Site - DTV Answers - DTV Made Easy - DTV Now - FCC's Public Files Lookup
No Cable - Cord Cutter News - TV Answers -

In addition, all of the local channel links listed about this page have dedicated pages on their sites with information about DTV.

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