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 Updated Saturday, November 16, 2019 @ 9:16 p.m.

To whom it may concern,

Due to the constant attacks by trolls, harassment, attempts by hackers to steal my both my personal information and their making very serious false legal accusations against me, and after consultation with both my advisors and close family members, I have taken the decision out of my own free will to delete and remove myself from Twitter for the time being. Never in my life did I ever think that one simple retweet praising The Lady Vols and new Coach Harper on their win against Notre Dame, the perks that come with success, making a simple request to be unblocked by the Lady Vols Twitter account and simply encouraging the football team to continue on the same course would turn into the royal mess that it did. It even got to the point of where the admins at Twitter locked my account and asked me to either remove the tweet or be banned for life. Since I had already been through this process once before with Facebook, even loosing a lawsuit against them in court over the first amendment, I immediately complied with the Twitter's admins' request and I issued a formal apology to any and all Lady Vols and Vols fans who were offended by my retweet with comments of Coach Harper's original tweet. I want to thank everyone who commented on my retweet, both good and bad, and for pointing out some things to me that I WAS NOT previously aware of. If anything, I have actually learned some things that I WAS NOT previously aware of. So, as I did on Twitter, I formally apologize here on my website to any and all fans of both the Lady Vols and Vols that were offended by my remarks. One of the other things that I have learned from this experience, and is now quite clear to me, is that the University of Tennessee Athletics Department DOES NOT want me as a fan nor do they want my support of such programmes. So, in addition to removing myself from Twitter, I have also taken steps to remove any and all links from my website that refer to either the University of Tennessee or its athletics department. Considering that I grew up both in East Tennessee and around the world and I followed the Vols from the time I was a toddler, please know that this is a very painful realization for me to realize, but it is a necessary one. One thing I want to make very clear. I am not about to move to either Alabama, Georgia, or Florida and become either a Crimson Tide, a Bulldog, or a Gator fan either. In short, everyone got what they wanted from me. An apology and now my Twitter account deleted, so you're welcome. I wish nothing but success for both the Lady Vols, Vols, Coaches Harper and Pruitt. I'm sorry that I won't be able to now witness it from a social media standpoint. God bless and Go Vols.

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